In order to start off with attempting to understand the aims and proposals of the movement, one needs to neutralize them-self, meaning that they need to get rid of the usual thinking process which might be based largely on holding opinions (Click here for more information on internal transformation).Thinking beyond dualities such as good/bad, right/wrong, male/female, positive/negative and the like is of utmost importance to shift to the first gear. This can be done with the help of a tool called science. Science means closer approximations to the way things work.

By science we do not mean you putting a lab coat on and testing chemicals! Rather, it is a way of thinking about everything we come across every moment. It means to apply the scientific method to everyday life.
The purpose of doing this is to break the barrier of limitations that our minds might be trapped in due to our current social conditioning. It helps a person look beyond; to look at all possibilities. Most of all, it helps us become better than what we might have been a second ago every instant. This movement primarily urges all people involved to educate themselves as much as possible by applying the scientific method at all possible points in time.
This might sound easier said than done but the following videos might be of help:

YouTube Video

YouTube Video


TZM does not have a central ‘office’ so to speak nor do we work in a hierarchical manner. The world is our office and every person associated with the movement is equally important. There is no entity that can either ‘appoint’ or ‘recruit’ people for specific tasks. People volunteer to undertake the task(s) that can suit their aptitude well. This is a volunteers-only movement and all volunteers are equally responsible for all activism/awareness actions. Neither can any volunteer permit/force another person to carry out a task nor is anybody required to ask for permission for the same. If a person feels the need to take charge of a task, they do so. It is not the case that if a person is carrying out a project only then other people may join them. Rather, each volunteer asks themselves, 'What am I doing for the movement?'. In order to announce an event in your chapter, click here. If you wish to submit an idea for a project, click here.

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Rather than working on a hierarchical basis, for example working with designations like TZM Global President and TZM Bombay Vice President, The Zeitgeist Movement works on a horizontal basis where every person is treated equally. Though we have Coordinators for every chapter throughout the world, their work is just to pass on information from one side to the other and to coordinate (as the name suggests) for smooth functioning of the movement. Coordinators are not, in any way, accountable for any projects being taken care of within a chapter (unless they are the proclaimed Project Managers). All they do is keep abreast of all happenings within their chapter and the chapters of both higher and lower tiers to theirs so that they can provide information to everybody who is interested to volunteer. Hence, all supporters and volunteers of the movement are equally responsible and accountable for all that is being done (and even for all that is not being done). No person has absolute power and control with them.

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TZM is about educating the self and then propagating the newly acquired knowledge to the masses in order to create awareness about NLRBE so that we could transition to the same. Unfortunately, most other sustainability organizations focus on patch work rather than adopting a systems approach to taking care of the planet for human life to continue on it. But TZM provides its volunteers and audience with the train of thought whose aim is to bring about sustainability by simultaneously solving the root causes of all major problems faced by humanity and our planet. However, we openly accept the fact that we have not yet been able to devise a clear-cut method to transition to NLRBE from and/or using the current monetary and financial systems (especially when the movement prohibits direct fund raising for any projects). Hence, one needs to learn from TZM as much as they can and then apply it all (possibly outside of the movement and/or in association with other organizations; a great example is Cybernated Farm Systems initiated by one of TZM's volunteers) in order to arrive at an NLRBE. Therefore, TZM acts as a knowledge aggregator for its participants which helps them take action inspired by it.

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By fluidity we mean variability. The Zeitgeist Movement constantly keeps evolving as new information makes its way through to it. Although the basic idea of achieving a paradigm shift toward a sustainable future is not susceptible to change, the methods of arriving at it might be. Since the movement follows a scientific approach, it does not step back from admitting to the fact that maybe what it advocated earlier did not make sense and that there might be a need to change its direction. For instance, the movement has evolved from pointing out to the elites as the destroyers of the global society during its initial stages to one that focuses on diagnosis, education and creation at present.

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