This is a simple street-awareness exercise based on a set of questions and answers on current national & global issues. Whether you have a team of volunteers or you're all alone, you can easily conduct this activity in your city, colony, workplace, college, or any local hangout, specially on weekends when more people are out of their homes. Here's what to do:

  1. Whenever you decide to conduct this activity, announce your event here, so other volunteers in your city can participate.
  2. Print out a few copies of each sheet linked in the toolkit below. (Print one copy each of the QnA sheets, a few Database sheets, and lots of Flyers -- depending on your budget.)
  3. Get together with other volunteers and head out in teams. If no one shows up to help, hit the streets alone!
  4. It's great if someone has a camera (still or video) to document the exercise. Phone pics will also do. If you have nothing to shoot/click with, just take the printouts and start!
  5. Find and engage people in a quick on-the-spot quiz as part of a general awareness drive.
  6. Give them the Question Sheet and ask them to read out each question and first give their answer.
  7. Keep the Answer Sheet with you and, after hearing the person's answer, give them the right answer along with additional information provided on the sheet.
  8. At the end of the exercise, ask them for general feedback, such as: What did you think of the exercise? Do you feel people are aware of these issues? if not, why? Are you interested in this kind of information, and would you like to be part of such awareness activities in the future? etc.
  9. This is the window where you can openly talk about the TZM/RBE initiative. Hand out a TZM flyer, and direct them to the TZM India website and email.
  10. If they wish to conduct this exercise with their family or friend circle, give them a copy of the QnA sheets if it suits your pocket, or email it to them after the exercise.
  11. Request them to share their name and email, so you can send them a copy of the QnA sheet and other TZM info if they like.
  12. Write a short review of your event (with pictures preferably), in terms of how many people/locations you covered, what were the general responses, etc., and send your event report to info [at] tzmindia [dot] com to be published on this website.


  1. Approach people as non-profit volunteers. Most often they tend to ask what organization you're from. Explain that you're not working for an NGO, but are a volunteer for a non-profit movement that works online and through various teams and projects across 1100 chapters worldwide.
  2. Target more of the youth and students as they're far more interested in the world. It will be specially effective to talk to students from streams like commerce, finance, business, management, planning, technology, etc., as they will find more relevance to their subjects here.
  3. Do your homework before you go. People, specially students, who are well-informed will contest your information and ask questions. Make sure you are well-informed yourself to answer them satisfactorily.
  4. Adapt to the culture and language. If you feel people are not too comfortable speaking in English, translate the questions in Hindi or the local language, while they are reading the Question sheet.
  5. Carry the Zeitgeist films on a laptop and/or pen-drive (Addendum and Moving Forward) so you can share them with people who express interest in seeing the films.
  6. Most importantly, have fun!

For any feedback or queries about this exercise, please email info [at] tzmindia [dot] com

To check out the global campaign, visit