After the highly successful worldwide release of Zeitgeist Moving Forward in Jan 2011, including a number of premieres in India, the movie is now available online for free to watch. Also, the movie Zeitgeist Addendum is available in Hindi Subtitles (click the settings button and change the subtitles to Hindi). Now is a great time to organize a movie screening in your school, college, workplace or locality.

Here are some general tips to keep in mind if you’re doing a screening.

Find a venue

  • Some venues can be used for free for projects related to creative/social awareness. Try and find one like that in your city. If you do, please let us know so we can create and expand a list of such venues around the country.
  • Educational institutions are a good place to screen these films and conduct Q&A sessions, since students are more receptive to new information and therefore more eager to explore it and pass it on.
  • If your venue comes with a price tag, get in touch with fellow TZM supporters from your city/area, and try to raise the money collectively.
  • If no venues are available, TZM volunteers can always conduct screenings for small gatherings in their own homes.
  • Ensure you obtain a written confirmation from your venue, and/or the required permissions (if any) from proper authorities.


Keep it free

  • Since this is a self-funded initiative, try and keep all your events free of any monetary exchange.
  • If you are incurring heavy costs for venue, equipment, etc. which you can’t raise internally, you may charge a small fee to cover these expenses.
  • If you are charging a fee for a screening, ensure that you use any leftover money to fund future screenings, as well as events such as Z-Day.


Get down to details

  • Check the venue physically, in terms of seating arrangements, washrooms, parking facilities, police permissions (where applicable), level of outside noise, weather protection, drinking water cooler, availability of air conditioning, option of serving refreshments etc.
  • If the venue has many windows with lots of daylight coming in, try choosing a time in the evening to screen your movie, preferably after sunset.
  • For large halls it’s important to get a good sound system, as a room with a lot of tile can make the sound completely flat.
  • Arrange for a sound system, a projector and a screen. You can usually hire these for about Rs 2000-2500. Some venues may also provide these for free.

Collect data

  • Assign someone to handle a Registration Desk, to capture contact details of the people attending the event: Name, Number, City and Email. This information can be used to send out news related to The Zeitgeist Movement.
  • Ideally try to organize a computer/laptop at the desk, so that it’s easier to store details directly on to an excel spreadsheet


  • Keep a set of A4 flyers carrying information about the movement and its goals. Make sure it covers The Zeitgeist Movement and a Resource Based Economy.
  • Distribute DVDs of the films. We suggest you charge for the DVDs (not exceeding your basic cost price of buying and burning blank DVDs) since our experience shows that FREE DVDs end up in the trash. That’s the ‘Paisa Vasool’ syndrome!


Record IT

  • Have a friend accompany you so that he/she can take pictures of the event.
  • If you can, get someone to also record a video of the event, particularly the Q&A session so it can help other activists in the future.
  • Post your event pictures and videos on TZM India GoogleGroup.
  • Send your material to info [at] tzmindia [dot] com so we can upload it to this website and the TZM India YouTube Channel.


  • To handle a Q&A session after the screening, make sure you have a microphone so that you can be heard by everyone no matter where they’re seated.
  • If you’re shooting the event, make sure the cameraman first captures the person asking the question, and then the person answering it.
  • Direct the cameraman to capture the speaker while he’s addressing the audience, and not pan across the audience too much.
  • Go through this video and understand it properly before you handle questions.
  • Check out the Q&A videos posted on our blog to see how others handle questions.

Take breaks

  • If the movie is too long, like in the case of Zeitgeist Moving Forward, people might tend to get restless and want to leave. In such scenarios, a small break for tea/coffee and refreshments is advisable.
  • Aim to do this at a minimal cost. Simple tea and coffee would do. Depending on the place and number of people, you can look at including accompaniments (like biscuits or dal-wadas or a similar cost-effective snack). Keep it sasta & tikau. 

If you have any questions or get stuck along the way, please mail us on info [at] tzmindia [dot] com

You can also screen the following copyright-free movies:

To screen copyrighted material like “Future By Design”, you need to purchase a copy of it from the film producer William Gazecki. Click here to order your copy of this DVD.