When people first learn about The Zeitgeist Movement and want to be part of it, they aren’t really sure about what needs to be done. Although we feel that each one has to figure out on their own what they want to do about it, our primary suggestion is to consider spreading awareness through 3 simple steps:

  1. Learn
  2. Share
  3. Repeat


Ask questions (not disguised as opinions) to get direction on learning the subject more. So if you are pointed in the direction of watching a video documentary, do watch the video documentary. This may lead you to more questions, which you must ask on the forums. That might bring you directions to watch yet another documentary, and this could go on for a while. Your questions will eventually clear themselves out, but don’t stop asking questions for they will keep the learning process alive.

Video documentaries are a great way to spread awareness because they are:

  • FREE FROM INTERRUPTIONS: The viewer can’t interrupt a documentary unless he/she decides to stop it 
  • MORE EFFECTIVE: A documentary is far more effective as it combines video and audio information which helps the viewer receive higher clarity directly.
  • SCALABLE: A documentary is scalable and can be used as a tool to spread information to the masses. One human being simply cannot repeat the same information over and over again. A DVD can be duplicated. A video can be viewed online. It can be downloaded, copied and distributed on a pen drive and so on.


Talk to others. A good way to spark such conversations is by showing them videos like Zeitgeist Addendum for a start. When they ask questions, you would be in a position to answer them because you’ve spent some time on step 1, which is learning. It is possible that you may not know the answer to a question, which would bring you to the third and most important step.


In order to get maximum clarity on how to proceed with these tasks, it is imperative to continue the process of Learning and Sharing. Soon your own understanding will be crystal-clear and you will be a natural genius at spreading the word too!