Do you have an interesting idea for a project that could help The Zeitgeist Movement spread the word? Submit it here!

If you have an idea for a project, this is the place to let others know about it. 

But remember: The Zeitgeist Movement is a movement based on volunteer efforts by members; most of these volunteers have to deal with their own busy lives, which naturally include studying, working, family, friends, etc. There is no one in the Movement who is providing a full-time service or being paid to do so; even the most stressful responsibilities are being sustained by the sheer effort of the people who volunteer to fulfil them.

If you have an idea for a project in the Movement, then you automatically position yourself to become the person responsible for it, rather than the Chapter coordinators or other project managers. Of course, you are free to state that you cannot organize it or you don't have the time; however, you have to be aware that it is very unlikely that someone else will develop it, and emotional reactions about this won’t lead you anywhere. Hence, submit an idea only if you are ready to develop it.

The reason such an obvious point is being stated here is because there has been an unfortunate tendency for some members to assume they can dump all of the hard work they propose on the already stressed-out coordinators, claiming that they should do it because it is “their job.” Naturally this was never the case, and this is nothing more than an unfortunate lack of understanding of how the Movement operates.

This page is only for the purpose of reviewing ideas and posting them as projects if found viable enough. But again, they will be posted only if the submitter carries them out as projects. please read about how the movement works here if you have doubts.

Please submit ideas here: