Make your computer an activist for The Zeitgeist Movement!

Volunteer your devices' (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, ARM, etc) computing/processing power for scientific research that could help us transition to a NL/RBE faster! We need your help to reach a goal of 25,000 active members on this team, so that TZM can contribute alongside some of today’s most powerful supercomputers. This will bring mainstream media recognition to the movement as an organization of substance and goodwill.

By participating in this project, we also get to:

  • Show the world the collaborative power of the movement
  • Contribute to advancing scientific research
  • Accelerate research in Quantum Computing and help revolutionize computer science
  • Trigger curiosity about the movement among the research community
  • Be recognized by the media and the research community, as a ready-to-help positive organization
  • Build a good relationship with the scientists at the company behind this project, who have the technological knowledge to help us build a central computer for NL/RBE city systems

We’re already at the #1 spot in team rankings for and at the #33 spot overall.

Join The Zeitgeist Movement BOINC Project 

(It only takes you 10-20 minutes to set up and join, and it’s all automated after that)

If you can't find a matching version of the BOINC software for your operating system on the link above, all available versions for different operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, ARM, etc) can be found HERE. (An easier step for Ubuntu users is to search for 'BOINC' on the Ubuntu Software Center and install the same from there itself. At the moment BOINC is not available for iOS and the reasoning for the same can be found here)

The project completed by the TZM BOINC team, Aqua@Home, helped develop the world's first quantum computer. Watch the video below to gain more information on the topic:

The details of the completed project Aqua@Home can be found here.