(PLEASE NOTE: This campaign has been closed but you are welcome to create and submit your video to help boost the RBE awareness efforts.)

This is a great chance to literally lend your voice and your face to the movement. All you need to do is make a video of yourself talking about why YOU advocate a Resource Based Economy, in your own words. You can use a videocam or your webcam to shoot the video, and upload it on YouTube. You can go to YouTube now and search for “Why I Advocate” videos. You’ll be surprised by the numbers flowing in every day.

Once you’re done, send an email to info [at] tzmindia [dot] com and we’ll post your video here.

So make it powerful. Make it ironic. Make it witty. Make it funny. Make it compelling. Or just make it different. Whatever it is — make it REAL. Because your point of view counts. And that’s the point of this movement. It belongs to everyone.