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Start a Chapter

If you would like to  join and / or manage the chapter in your own city, please do so and send an email to and submit your contact details below so people in your city can contact you.

Also join the TZM India Chapter Coordinators Discussion Group. 

City Chapters

We thought about creating state level chapters, but then decided to trash the idea as it does not make sense. You won’t organize events for people across states to travel and meet up. So if you see the list of chapters, you will see only city chapters.

We can have a city chapter created for you, if it’s not listed. Just join the group above and post your request and we’ll have it done for you.

The website will be powered by Word Press or Google Sites and have a link with this naming structure:

So the Mumbai Chapter is

If you don’t want us to host your city chapter, you can let us know the link and we’ll use that instead. We just thought that it would look cool.
We can also point the domain name to your server’s IP address if you like.

Contact Page

An crucial part of the chapter website is to have a web page which has your contact details which would include the following:

  • Email (This can be a group email that forwards to all the chapter coordinators). For the mumbai chapter we have an email ID called which forwards to the two chapter coordinators in Mumbai.

List of chapter coordinators

  • Coordinator 1 (Name of person) & Number
  • Coordinator 2 (Name of person) & Number

The contact page can have more than one person listed in case you have more people in the chapter.


Apart from powering your chapter with a website where you can publish upcoming events, a contact page etc., you may also want to have a place to

  • Send Announcements to your chapter members with information related to events in your city and
  • Discuss activities in your city.

For both options you can use free communication tools on the internet such as:

As a Chapter Coordinator please join the TZM India Chapter Coordinator Group as well.

Note: As a chapter coordinator, you need to protect the user’s privacy. Meaning do not give out the list of email addresses to anyone that asks for the list of registered users on your chapter website. However, if a person would like to conduct a meeting or event in your city, then you can request him to provide the following details:

  • Name of person
  • Phone Number (Mobile)
  • Email Address
  • Date / Time / Venue of meet or event
  • Agenda or description of meet or event

As a chapter coordinator you can then send an announcement to the people registered in your city so the individual can decide if he or she would like to attend that meet. This is crucial for you to understand and protect the users privacy.


Another option would be to have a page or section to display a list of upcoming and past events in your city.


If you’re not certain of what to put on your home page, you can always put the map of your city.

Pictures and Videos

With Facebook and YouTube you can post the pictures and videos of events that you hold in your city. Posting pictures and videos of the events help bring the movement come to reality. Something happens when people see pictures and videos. That increases the belief level up to a great degree. It also help people realize that this is not just talk, but there is also a grass roots level action happening in TZM.