The Mumbai ZDay event was held at Mithibai College in the form of a lecture on 'Sustainable Living' by our activist VK Bharadwaj. A pdf version of the presentation can be seen below.



The ZDay event was a seminar presentation on Resource Based Economy by volunteers Bharath Chand and Jiddhu Majeed Chethodil. Also, the Malyalam subtitle of Zeitgeist Addendum were released.

The presentation was held at RIET college campus on 25th February 2014. 
52 minute presentation included the topics -

  • Technological Advancement(Automation-Nanotechnology-Genetic Engineering-3D Printing)
  • Unemployment(Technological Unemployment and social insecurity)
  • Price rise 
  • Money Creation(debt-interest-unlimited growth)
  • Market/business(competitive system, lack of scientific approach-win-loss game)
  • Economic slavery, How it affects environment and human values, Oil based economy
  • Collapse
  • False solutions offered by old paradigm (Politics-patchworks inside the existing system)
  • Cooperation based social system
  • Scientific Calculation
  • Renewable Energy
  • Automation (freeing human labor)
  • War business
  • One-planet
  • Awareness
  • Be the change
  • Question-answer session

Zeitgeist Addendum Malayalam Subtitle released on ZDay 2014 (march 15).
via Dotsub. Released on Msone Malayalam subtitles as well.







YouTube Video

YouTube Video







19th to 21st April 2013

Transport to Bajwada
  • Nearest train station is Harda (via Khandwa or via Itarsi)
  • Train journey from Mumbai to Harda is about 11 hours.

  • Taxi from Harda up to farm may need advance booking and costs Rs.500/-.
  • Rickshaw from Harda up to farm may need advance booking and costs Rs.350/-.

  • From Harda, the nearest bigger well-known village is Nemawar.
  • Public buses are available from Harda to Nemawar.

  • Nemawar is 130 kms by bus from Indore (Navlakha)
  • Nemawar is 140 kms by bus from Bhopal (ISBT Depot, stop near Sanchi Dairy).

  • The farm at Bajwada is about 5 kms from Nemawar.
  • There are no hotels either in Nemawar or at Bajwada.
  • Contact farm, preferably when you leave from Harda, for pick-up (24x7).
  • The pick-up will meet you at Nemawar tea-stallopposite temple.
  • Farm contact numbers are 9826054388 and 9329570960.
  • A walk from Nemawar to the farm takes about 30-50 minutes.

  • The nearest airports are Indore and Bhopal
  • Taxi from Indore or Bhopal to farm costs Rs.2,100-Rs.2,500.
  • Taxi journey time from Indore or Bhopal to the farm is 3-4 hours.
  • Taxi from Itarsi station up to the farm costs about Rs.1,700/-
Stay & Food and Costs

Facilities on the farm are basic, but comfortable.

Rs. 200 for individual per day.

Rs. 100 for individual who cannot afford 200 per day.
Rs. 0 for people who find it difficult economically and only can afford the travel costs.

Day 1. Natueco Farming
  • Introduction of the participants
  • Establishing the objectives of this training, general discipline around the campus
  • An educational walk around the farm covering:
  • Different Methods of farming and its present concerns
  • What is Natueco farming Eco system and it’s importance
  • Tea Break
  • Understanding how human intervention helps in enriching, enhancing the plant/tree, eco system and symbiotically increasing the prosperity for the farmers.
  • Lunch
  • Amrut Jal
  • Soaking of the biomass in Amrut Jal.
  • Tea Break
  • How to make a marginal farmer prosper.
  • Concept sharing of two models i.e. Ganga Ma Mandal and -Ten Guntha model.
  • Session Ends
Day 2. Amrit Mitti

Preparation of Amrit Mitti
  • Practical collection of biomass & segregating them.
  • Preparing Amrut  Mitti (with explaining about the contents and its science)
  • Chopping biomass
  • Soaking the biomass
  • Preparation of heaps of   3'x10'x1'
  • Broadcasting of Six types of seeds
  • Taking care of Heap
Tea Break
  • Preparation of Amrut Mitti Continued..
  • Pruning
Different pruning methods and practices to be adopted on
  • Long life trees
  • Middle life plants
  • Short term life plants
Tea Break
  • Study of Roots
    • Finding the position of roots
    • Selecting active feeder roots zone
    • Providing nutrition to feeder roots, Pruning of roots
    • Treatment to the roots with Ash and Amrut Jal
Session Ends
  • Video on Natueco farm from Malegaon
Day 3 Ganga Ma Mandal and Ten Guntha
Introduce about the GANGAMA MANDAL
  • Principles of Permaculture
  • Aim and object of Ganga Maa Mandal Preparation of  Ganga Maa Mandal in field
Tea Break
  • Natural Resource Mapping

Concept of 10 Guntha Model which makes a marginal farmer’s family self reliant and prosper.

How a marginal family’s meet out their needs through developing 10 Guntha model.

Small nursery- a marginal farmers big enterprise
  • Understanding forest with short, medium and long life plants
  • Quality planting material needed for horticulture and other agriculture use
  • Ways of organising nurseries
  • Use of high Humidity Chamber in a nursery
  • Cost Vs. returns of a high humidity chamber based small nursery
  • Seed treatment and its impact on agriculture
Tea Break
  • Planning your farm (Multi-tire, multi-cropping, and Inter cropping with newly acquired knowledge and skills)
  • Documentation for assessment of training
Session Ends

2011 (July)




2011 (April)






Pune Activist Meet @ Amanora Mall, 6th April 2014


Attended by:

Nikhil Sheth/ Suraj/ Ankush/ Shrey Agarwal/ Hemant Choudhary

Exchanging various ideas and directions, the activists formulated a to-do list for TZM Pune: 

·         Setting up a Pune Chapter

·         Fixing individual time contribution for volunteers

·         Creating and distributing a newspaper/tabloid called “Good News” which would carry positive articles (fiction + non-fiction)

·         Conducting on-ground activities on-

o   Economic Freedom

o   Rural engagement and development

o   TZM awareness: To kick off, the activists conducted an on-the-spot awareness exercise with two volunteers (from a computer giant) carrying out database collection at the mall. TZM activists called them and gave them a brief introduction to the movement and its goals.






A review of an event held in Amravati by TZM volunteers Amruta Kharkar and Lalit Barbuddhe Jr.

Date & Time:
16th November 2012, @ 12 noon
Amruta Kharkar's Residence, Ganesh Colony, Amravati, Maharashtra 444605 India

Number of People:
15 people attended the event.
5 people left after the presentation (before the screening of Zeitgeist Addendum).

Amruta Kharkar

3 hours

Content Flow:
  1. A 20-minute presentation showcasing some hard facts about malnutrition, poverty, etc and how we are living in a matrix.
  2. Screening of the TZM India short film "The Common Man's Voice"
  3. Basic introduction of The Zeitgeist Movement
  4. Screening of Zeitgeist Addendum
  5. Q&A session

  1. Among the guests we had a doctor who had watched all 3 Zeitgeist movies when he was in the UK, and wishes to do something in Amravati now. He will help us organize a future event for people who he knows and who would like to hear about the RBE idea. :-)
  2. The 5 people who left early took home the Zeitgeist Addendum DVD, so hopefully the message was shared.

  1. The audience was from an older age group -- mostly above 40 years, so there was some resistance to the concept
  2. Most people found it hard to understand the movie properly as it was in American English
  3. According to the audience, the 6 Actions for Social Transformation suggested at the end of Zeitgeist Addendum were "impossible' :)
  4. Being from a small place they were under-exposed to information, specially via the Internet
  5. For them, watching a movie for 2 hours straight was a difficult task

Thank you!


Dear TZM India supporters,

On 7th October 2012, TZM volunteers conducted a public awareness event in Ahmedabad, to talk about the problems with the current monetary system, the need for an RBE (Resource Based Economy), and possible future actions.

The event was held in collaboration with The World Is My Family, a group of volunteers spreading the RBE message and engaging in local initiatives. We had about 25 people as audience, 2 presenters, and 3 guest speakers.


The talk covered issues of:

  • The monetary system
  • The unsustainable profit motive
  • Technology and its exponential growth
  • The current scarcity paradigm
  • Long-term solutions (i.e. RBE)
  • Current RBE challenges such as the energy crisis
  • Transition to RBE through short-term solutions based on collaborative action, like community living and cooperative ventures

The content featured statistics of the rampant issues we face in our own country, including poverty, hunger, resource manipulation, etc., derived from latest retrievable surveys and reports.


The presentation was further supported by screenings of videos including:

[We’d also planned to screen “There’s No Tomorrow (Hindi)” but had to skip it due to lack of time.]

The talk ended with a slide presentation of famous quotes and ideas with supporting visuals.


What made the evening really special was the presence of certain guests who added their valuable inputs to the event. Here’s a little bit about them.



Life partners since the early 90’s, Chandresh and Sumitra have been living a quiet and humble life. Based in Ahmedabad, they travel the world and work as volunteers wherever the journey takes them. Chandresh teaches people how to harness alternative natural energy to stay healthy, and how to live on energy sources other than food. Sumitra teaches alternative cooking options such as zero-oil cooking, and expresses her artistic self through paintings and murals.

They have two wonderful and smart kids, Qudrat and Ajanmya – who have never attended school, but are great learners, and can already do wonders with computer graphics and animation tools. (Please check out some of their awesome work here: Together, the family lives on Rs. 15000 a month which is enough to meet their basic living and travel expenses. Any work they do after earning this amount is done on a pro-bono basis, i.e. they do not charge for it and accept whatever is paid. Oh, and most importantly, they’re a very happy bunch of people!


ADEOn Collaboration

Ade is a Professor from Stanford University, and was visiting India to do research on why Indians don’t collaborate. Originally a Nigerian, he had been studying the concept of collaboration in various countries. Sharing his journey with the audience, he mentioned how in his early years at Stanford he had wondered how Japan was advancing so much faster than USA, and eventually found that this was because the Japanese were great collaborators. Investigating the phenomenon further, he found himself in India, where he discovered that due to repeated colonization, Indians are not transparent with each other, and therefore collaboration faces many challenges. Citing an accurate example from Ahmedabad itself, he mentioned how the city is home to 3 of India’s most coveted academic institutes, i.e. IIM (Management), NID (Design) and CEPT (Architecture), and yet they never collaborate. Ade’s insights further highlighted the downside of the narrow-minded profit motive, and definitely gave the citizens of Ahmedabad something to think about! 

In the future we plan to hold more of such awareness events, inviting participation from various people and groups who exemplify sustainability, alternative living, and a new hope for humanity.

Video - Economic Collapse
Chandresh & Sumitra
Group Pic


YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video












YouTube Video



Free Store #3 - A New Benchmark

19 October 2014

Our 3rd Free Store event. 
New location, new people, new energies.

There are moments when dreams get fulfilled and it is only then that you realize that it was a dream...

This time, the Free Store was just that:
A carnival of people doing multiple things at the same time having conversations, posing for pictures, offering gifts and enjoying the party. 

It was a truly decentralized event where people got an opportunity to bond with each other and to share themselves. The Free Store kept getting created as people came...

- One group of friends brought a whiteboard and asked everyone to write about 'What does happiness mean to you ?'
- Another bunch of people took special efforts to prepare gifts and anonymously offer them to those present at the event. Some gifts were also offered to pedestrians outside.
- Some others organized themselves in pairs and groups to have conversations while some others simply found joy in posing for funny pictures.  :)

On a material level, the Free Store served as a platform to share resources like books, magazines, DVDs, crockery items, fitness machines,clothes, toys, stationery items, pen stands, quotes, gift items and lots of chocolates. Magic Dust Cafᅢᄅ, a cafᅢᄅ which offered to host our event, were so generous, that in the spirit of sharing, offered 50 cupcakes as a gift for all of us! :) 

The space was chaotic and yet in a sense of flow. Here are a few stories:

- Annie, a lady from the neighbourhood, came and offered a bag-ful of clothes. She was so excited about the event that she went back and invited a few kids from her building to come over. The kids curiously went around the entire space, picking up various games, books and stationery items. One of them also picked up Akshaya Patra bottles to start saving pocket money.
- Apart from material gifts, there were some who simply offered their presence as a gift to the space. Darpan and Drishti came over with their group of friends from their locality and simply captured the event with simple, random acts of kindness, one of them being to anonymously offer gifts around.
- In this frenzy of anonymous gifts, one of our volunteers, Hansini, received a cupcake and a small message that said, 'You are loved' as a gift. It simply moved her to no extent.

Furthermore, another volunteer, Shivendra, offered a gift to someone through somebody else. The recipient of the gift had a huge smile on his face after receiving it. That made Shivendra happy as a kid. Such are the simple joys of giving. :)
- One of the visitors, Aditya, was so moved to be a part of the event that he offered to volunteer on the spot and took charge to take care of one of the tables and to explain other visitors about the concept.
- Somebody offered an old soft toy with a note saying, 'This was my gift on my 1st birthday'. It is touching to witness such acts of generosity and non-attachment.
- Some enthusiastic souls went to the extent of going outdoors and inviting people walking on the streets to come over for the event!

To sum up, one of our friends, Harsh remarked, remember talking to a friend in between and telling how much the place was in a flow. The people coming, getting moved and shifted and going. The whole place was jumping with energy and I was just honoured to be there¬タン.

Thank you for all those who offered their gifts of support, encouragement, time, laughter, smiles and their presence. :) 

We feel fulfilled that we are coming closer to our intention of a community coming together and building relationships of generosity and gratitude. 

With gratitude,

The Free Store, Thane Team


The Free Store, Thane - A New Reality

27 May 2013

7 students. Different backgrounds. One common cause: Sharing.

It is around 4 in the evening. Some of us are setting up tables and chairs, unpacking materials, tying up banners and starting afresh.

We are nervous, anxious but excited.

Our banner reads, ‘We collect unwanted, reusable stuff and give it away to people who need them’.

Some of us take the courageous step of talking to groups of parents, students and customers in the shopping complex.

The curiosity builds up.

Within an hour or so, the curiosity converts into pickups. Children’s books go like hot cakes. Academic textbooks rediscover their shine as happy students choose them. Adults find their joy in unused greeting cards. Stationery items are gifted. Fulfillment is offered.


Stories are created:

1.       A doctor visits our stall and offers free homoeopathic treatment for various common ailments at her clinic in the shopping complex.

2.       A school Principal offers a stockpile of donations sourced from her school’s Lost and Found counter, that comprise of, sweaters, shoes, water bottles, umbrellas, a bucket and lots of love.

3.      An elderly Uncle shares puzzles and sings for our Team. He entertains with his funny capers and skills in palmistry. It seemed that he got back his playful self that wanted to come out since a long time.

4.      2 boys from a nearby slum dwelling happen to visit us out of curiosity. They initially feel reluctant to simply pick up stuff for free, but it’s a beautiful sight when they realize it’s a safe space. They come back with another friend and not only collect board games, toys and stationery items for themselves, but also choose a nice kitchen set for their sisters.


The community comes together to share and make a real difference while our Team earns satisfaction and fulfillment in facilitating the magic.

One of our team members, Sejal, expresses her joy over the event:

"It was lovely being a part of something unique. Helping people get what they want and experiencing the smiles of gratitude. It was a sunny day, but it wasn't the heat but the smiles that made us feel warm. Had a nice experience of meeting and understanding different and new people. Would love to help out again if possible. Thank you for having me even if I am not remotely linked to the stream." 

This is our material impact in three and a half hours:

18 Donors



38 families & 1 children's orphanage


A school Principal

Security Guards



A bunch of happy kids :)



Resources redistributed:

42 Books

28 Academic books

35 pieces of clothing

11 Greeting cards

8 Umbrellas

~25 Water bottles

~5 pairs of shoes

~5 pairs of socks

3 bars of soap

3 CDs

2 Board games

1 Bucket

A few stationery items and

Lots of toys! :)


A simple idea.  A new reality.  


If you’re inspired by this new possibility,

You could join us for our upcoming events at Mumbai and Thane by filling up this quick volunteer form.


You can take the lead in organizing a similar event in your city or locality. We will be more than happy to help you make a difference that makes the difference. Send us a mail at

For more details, visit our Facebook Page.


Thank you to all those who generously offered their time, ideas, encouragement, resources and support! We are grateful to you.


With hope for a new future,

The Free Store, Thane Team