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The Zeitgeist Movement is global grass-roots organization focused on achieving a paradigm shift toward a sustainable future for our planet in which all needs are met and human potential can be realized.

Welcome to The Zeitgeist Movement India Chapter

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Even as you’re reading this, something incredible is happening all over the world. People are waking up to a new reality, where mindless jobs, conflict, stress, inflation, poverty, hunger, debt, climate change and all other perils of the current world simply do not exist.

By your interest in the movement, you’ve expressed your inclination to help shape our wonderful future! We encourage you to go through each and every tab and link on this website thoroughly.

In order to understand the movement in detail, we encourage you to go through at least the following links in the order they’re mentioned below. There are quite a few, so you might want to stagger them over a few days (or weeks, based on your schedule). Do add them to your Favorites/Bookmarks, so you can revisit them later.

Once you have gone through the material below, and you find that your thinking and views resonate with those of the movement, if you haven’t subscribed to us already, please consider doing so at the ‘Registration’ link provided in this page. You’ll discover a growing number of like-minded people who want to make this world a better place.


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If any links on this site do not work, please do let us know at info [at] tzmindia [dot] com so that we can correct them.

We wish you a wonderful journey in the movement.

In solidarity,
The Zeitgeist Movement India Chapter