Save The Internet, Or say Goodbye to it

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Telecom companies like Airtel, with permission from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), wish to control theinternet in a way never before seen in India. They wish to put into place something known as Differential Pricing, which means that consumers of the internet would have to pay different charges for using different apps and websites rather than paying for just one internet pack. An example could be Rs.200 for Whatsapp, Rs.100 for Google, Rs.100 for Facebook, Rs.50 for Skype and so on. It would not be surprising to see that later they might want to control the speeds at which different websites load as well, favoring some of them over the rest.

Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers and governments should treat all data on the Internet equally, not discriminating or charging differentially by user, content, site, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or mode of communication.
In order to understand what net neutrality is and how this move by the telcos and TRAI can affect people like you directly, watch these two short videos:

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

This is important because first of all, it was the internet that made movements like TZM possible and it is solely that which can help propagate it. Moreover, with TZM projects like Global Redesign Institute and Collaborative Design System (both of which need a network like the present internet to be built) in development stages at the moment that can help us realize an NLRBE sooner, it is the need of the hour to fight for net neutrality. And secondly, nobody can deny the fact that the internet has been a major building block of the current world and if it is at stake, development of any kind can be constrained to very low levels. Third, we all use the internet and it has great utility as a source of information that is accessible at next to zero marginal costs.

TRAI had come out with a consultation paper that requires citizens like us to answer 20 questions regarding net neutrality, based on which it will take the decision. Fortunately, you do not need to type your answers manually. Some generous people put their heads together in order to prepare a draft that is ready to be sent to TRAI by anyone. You can also edit the answers if you wish. All you have to do is the following:

2. Click on 'Send Your Response'.
3. Select your mail client (Gmail, Yahoo, etc)
4. Copy and paste the body of the mail. Edit it if you wish.
5. Send the mail to TRAI.
6. Sign this petition:
7. Share this information via social media.

The deadline set by TRAI for accepting answers is 24th April 2015 so kindly do so asap.

A free and open internet is our right. Please save it. Not for us, but for yourself and the generations to come. Complete this task before it is too late.

Steps for Transition to NL/RBE

posted Dec 5, 2014, 7:02 PM by Shiv Hastawala

All the information given below can be accessed on the following link as well:


The Zeitgeist Movement is all about educating the masses regarding the shortcomings of the present system and proposing a better alternative but one major aspect of it is to actually help the world transition to the new socioeconomic paradigm known as the Natural Law / Resource Based Economy. However, since we still live in a monetary system where voluntary efforts might fall way short for achieving the latter and also because the movement strictly prohibits the collection and usage of any kind of funds for activism purposes, TZM has been unable to implement any major transition plans because of which it has been facing criticism regarding the ‘action’ towards an NLRBE. Hence, as explained in the subheading ‘A Means, Not an End’ of the article ‘How TZM Works’, we would like to reiterate the fact that with the current stand of the movement with regards to funding, there is a huge possibility that any significant transition blueprints might not come to fruition if tried to work upon from within TZM as projects of the same.

However, what is still possible is for every individual associated with TZM to imbibe the philosophies, knowledge and skills required to build an NLRBE and then to implement it at their own level (in their own respective capacities) to build a better world in order to lead by example. Therefore, we have created a list of relevant projects, organizations (both local and global) and resources below that you could learn from, contribute to and get inspired by to take action in the desired direction.

NOTE: TZM is not associated with any of the projects or organizations listed below. They are mentioned here just because they might partially help propagate TZM’s train of thought independently and because of the relevance of their aims to that of the movement’s.





Scientific Method

To look at everything from a neutral viewpoint

YouTube Video

Systems Approach

To understand that everything is interconnected

YouTube Video

Assessing Scientific Findings

To assess scientific research findings in different areas of study

YouTube Video






Generic Medicine

To consume medicine without the brand so as to reduce corporate monopolies

Jan Aushadhi (Govt of India)

Physical Health

To engage in various activities for physical well being

Raahgiri Day (Delhi)

Inner Peace & Health

To meditate for a balanced mind

Vipassana (Pan India)

Printable Medicine

3D-Print medicine at your home

Fab@Home Project






Self-Designed Learning

To spread self-teaching methods rather than following school syllabi

Swaraj University (Udaipur)

SECMOL (Ladakh)

EBHLE (Mandangad)

School in the Cloud


Massive Open Online Courses

To acquire world class specialized education for free



Khan Academy

MIT OpenCourseWare

Yale OpenCourseWare







To create regenerative and self-maintained agricultural systems modeled from natural ecosystems

Rico Zook's Permaculture Workshop (Darjeeling)

Urban Agriculture

To provide an abundance of food using advanced production methods

Pet Bharo Project (India)

Hamari Krishi (India)

Garden Guru (Bangalore)

Green Tech Life (Bangalore)

Cybernated Farm Systems (USA)

Open-Source Seeds

To make seeds available to everyone

Open Source Seed Initiative (Global)






The Human & its Purpose

Understanding the human, its purpose, its relation with other humans and nature

Madhyasth Darshan (Pan-India Workshops)

Human Unity

To bring out the oneness in us

Soka Gakkai (Worldwide)

One Asia Project (Auroville)


Equality of sex, gender, sexual orientation, stature, race, caste, Creed, religion, etc

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights






3D Printing

To spread awareness about 3D Printing as a wasteless manufacturing method

Fab@Home Project

Autodesk Spark Investment Fund

Autodesk Open Source 3D Printer

Material Goods Designing

Open-source designing of material goods

Collaborative Design System (TZM Global)






Modular Thinking

To produce modular material goods for easy upgradation so as to reduce solid waste

Google Ara (Modular Smartphone)

Blocks (Modular Smartwatch)

MakerMex 3D Printer

FLUX 3D Printer

Phonebloks (Modular Electronics)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce solid waste generation

RUR (Mumbai)






Reducing Work Hours

To reduce labor hours globally

4 Hour Work Day (Global)

Following One's Passions in Life

To draw a line between earning a living and life's passions

Head2Heart Retreats (Bir, Himachal Pradesh)






Open Source Thinking

The blueprint of anything should be available to everyone to edit and build upon

Open Source Software

Open Source Hardware

Open Source Ecology


Translations, Updated Resources, TZM Propose and Russell Brand

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Hi there

We know we have bot been posting updates for a while. But that is because we have been gathering up awesome stuff in the meantime!


TZM India is calling upon volunteers who can translate TZM materials like the TZM Orientation Guide 2014 into Indian Languages. Anyone who has a hold on any Indian language and thinks they can do some translation work for the movement, they can fill out the following form and they will be taken through the whole procedure:


We have updated the Reources section of our website, especially the 'Education' subsection which tells us why a Natural Law / Resource Based Economy is possible, with loads of new material. You can check it out at the following link:


Peter Joesph, the founder of TZM, has come up with a new video in which he invites alternative solutions, other than an NLRBE, to our problems of massive ecological destruction and deteriorating worldwide public health. This would give TZM critics another chance, like the TZM Challenge a few months ago, to present their arguments in a civil manner so that they can be considered by the movement. And if the alternatives are found viable enough, they will be incorporated in our train of thought, since TZM does not keep away from concepts that simply make sense. You can view the video below. We request you to make it viral via your mailing lists and social media while using the hashtag #tzmpropose . If you do not know what a hashtag is or how it works, you can get to know all about it from this Wikipedia link.

YouTube Video


Help us get Russell Brand, a famous British actor cum activist, to know more about TZM and its proposals for global change. Russell has been talking a lot about how the current financial system is broken and about how the current profit-driven market sentiment of the global economy is leading to extensive ecological downfall and extreme poverty. Now would be the right time to put forth TZM's vision in front of him. A public figure like Russell could help TZM get mainstream media recognition, only if he understands and agrees with our train of thought, that is. We request you to make use of the hashtag #RussellBrandTZM to get across our ideas to him.

YouTube Video

One Planet Project Delhi and TZM Challenge Response

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The Delhi Chapter has been conducting the One Planet Project for the past two weeks and intends to continue doing so in order to spread awareness. They have already collected around a 100 email IDs and sent one-time emails to them which contains all the information regarding TZM.

If you reside in Delhi or are available here during the coming weekend(s) and wish to be a part of this awareness drive, kindly contact the Delhi chapter at delhi[at]tzmindia[dot]com

We are attaching a couple of pics from the past sessions. If you wish to view them all, please do so here:



​TZM Global would like to announce the authors of the best essay submissions for The Zeitgeist Movement Challenge. They are Ryan Salisbury and Jack Eade.

All the essays submitted are viewable below. The top 2, by Ryan and Jack, have been formally responded to by Matt Berkowitz, James Phillips, and Ben McLeish of the TZM Global Lecture Team, and are viewable as well.

For reference, TZM Challenge is laid out here:

Thank you very much to everyone for taking the time to submit essays. It is very much appreciated.

Stay tuned for follow-up TZM Global blogtalk radio shows with the authors.

View Ryan's essay here.

View our response to Ryan's essay here.

View Jack's essay here.

View our response to Jack's essay here.

View all other essay submissions here.

Project ROAD - TZM India

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Hi there!

One of the volunteers from TZM India named Rohan d'Souza has come up with a brilliant plan to take TZM ahead, something he calls Project ROAD (Result Oriented Awareness of Decision-Makers). 

The idea is simple: gather a group of people, prepare crisp presentations on the main thesis of TZM and show them to Political/Administrative Leaders, particularly those who have the decision-making power with them (hence, the name ROAD). The ideology behind doing this is that it would be more effective to explain it to influential people and let it trickle down to the masses rather than trying to spread awareness through local means (however, people are not discouraged to engage in the latter).

A message from Rohan (the initiator of this project) can be seen below in Italics:

Dear Friends,
I would like to introduce myself as Rohan DSouza, a civil engineer from Mumbai. I am planning to do something on the result oriented awareness front.
The idea is to form a sort of delegation and meet Influential ministers and MPs over a period of time. We will share our TZM ideology and offer a concrete practical solution or model along with a budget requirement and time frame. 
Convincing a decision maker is like convincing a thousand lay people. If we consistently  pursue the awareness and education of those in power to take the decisions, we shall with time be able to reach this stage. I believe that “ Whatever the mind can dream, conceive and believe, it can achieve”. Lets not limit ourselves and our potential. ‘The world makes way for the man who knows where he is going’. 

We need to work on
1.The delegation team – I am in and would require your help. Our time is required on a case basis whenever we get a lead or chance to give a presentation. We just form the team and keep ready
2.The presentation content – Most of it is already there
3.The Solution or Model – Need your ideas here. We need to know what we exactly expect from them, a key policy or maybe we can erect a model, the budget might run into thousands of crores, doesn’t matter, thousands of crores are spent on useless welfare schemes each year, let them take a call
4.Setting up appointments with key people – We can all use our circle of influence and ‘six degrees of separation’ principle states that we are only 6 or less steps away by way of introduction to any person anywhere on the planet. Local MPs can be reached with much ease.

The success of this project/idea depends completely upon the number and dedication of people who are willing to be a part of this. Those who wish to volunteer, kindly click on the link below and fill in the form. An update will be sent out shortly after reviewing the submissions.


Screenings of movies on Rethinking the World

posted May 23, 2014, 8:10 AM by Shiv Hastawala   [ updated May 23, 2014, 8:10 AM ]

Hi there!!

One of the volunteers from TZM India (Nikhil Sheth) has taken up the initiative to screen movies on Rethinking the World right from May 29 up till July 31, 2014 every Thursday at his place in Pune.

All people are invited and those who wish to attend these screenings can find the details of the event and Nikhil's contact in Italics below:

Inline image 1

Inviting friends in Pune to a weekly screening of inspiring movies on rethinking the world!

I'm hosting this at my home to start.

Nikhil Sheth
Udaipur/Pune, India
Self-designed learner at Swaraj University <>

TZM Challenge - For Everyone!

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YouTube Video

The Zeitgeist Movement Challenge

The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) Global is conducting a challenge, offering a formal platform to anyone who thinks they can legitimately demonstrate that TZM’s central thesis of a Natural Law Resource-Based Economy (NLRBE), or part of it, is flawed.

Why are you doing this?

Mirroring Sam Harris’ recent “The Moral Landscape Challenge”, TZM thinks this will provide a unique platform to further the intellectual pursuit of social and economic sustainability. Any scientific field must be consistently open to new information that can update current understandings. Since TZM deals in what could be considered the broadest scientific field, that being a science of society itself, which of course references all other scientific fields, TZM must be open to new information or new arguments that can alter its advocacy initiatives and understandings.

How does the challenge work exactly?

Submit a no-more-than-1,000 word essay (as a Word doc or PDF) by July 31, 2014 at 11:59pm PST to: . One essay per person – please do not send multiple drafts. Essays not conforming to these rules will be automatically disqualified. The essay must challenge TZM’s central thesis or part of it – not peripheral issues. Briefly, here is TZM’s broad thesis:

With our current understanding of science and technological potential, scarcity now has no ecological / technical basis with respect to meeting all our basic human needs. As such, we can formulate a socioeconomic system that provides an access abundance of all such human needs to every human on Earth, alleviating a great majority of the social problems that exist today. This new system, a NLRBE, would redirect human behaviour to express its more positive traits and remove the environmental basis for most of the socially disrupting ones.

The best essay (or as many as 3 if there are more exemplary critiques) will be published on TZM’s global website, and each one will be responded to by Global Lecture Team member, Matt Berkowitz. The author(s) of the selected essay(s) will additionally be invited onto the ZM Global Radio show for a discussion. If no essays succeed in reaching an elementary level of cogency, no essay will be responded to – though a statement will be published by TZM to explain this.

The best essay(s) will achieve either of the following:
a) It will succeed in falsifying part of TZM’s central thesis. If so, TZM will publicly announce a shift in its advocacy, or (more unlikely) will concede that its entire thesis is invalid and will cease to exist (at least as it does now).
b) It will not succeed in falsifying part of TZM’s central thesis, but it will provide a decent counterargument to or at least helpful reframing of one (or many) of TZM’s core advocacy points. This will allow TZM the opportunity to expand on or clarify any potential shortcomings or ambiguities in the way it has thus far presented such points.
Broadly speaking, TZM advocates the scientific method to maximize human well-being, and while this advocacy point is technically unfalsifiable (how could you falsify the method of science itself?), many of the specifics that we advocate can certainly be falsified (see next).

How could I expect to successfully challenge the thesis?

Several possible ways (but not limited to):

- You demonstrate that human behaviour is somehow incompatible and irreconcilable to the social conditions of a NLRBE; for example, that human behaviour is not malleable enough to adapt to a new set of environmental conditions.
- You demonstrate that the economic structure of a NLRBE is not viable in some way that TZM has not realized; for example, that economic calculation is somehow not possible without a pricing mechanism or that the technology does not exist to overcome scarcity in at least providing for all basic human needs.
- You can demonstrate that human well-being / public health will be inferior in a NLRBE compared to another socioeconomic model (existing in practice or proposed).
It is recommended that you are somewhat familiar with TZM’s extensive literature and video library – TZM’s new book called “The Zeitgeist Movement Defined” being the most comprehensive text on TZM’s thesis and supporting data and reasoning.

What would make my essay unsuccessful?

Several possible ways:

- You straw man TZM’s thesis in any way or commit other obvious logical fallacies.
- You are unaware of various scientific understandings about human behaviour.
- You are unaware of our technological capabilities TZM has determined can provide an access abundance of human needs.
- You focus on peripheral issues, such as a) the difficulty in formulating a transition plan to a NLRBE rather than the viability of a NLRBE itself; b) a singular statement made by Peter Joseph or other Global Lecture Team member that does not affect the validity of TZM’s central thesis.


1) Who will be selecting the best essay(s)?
Several members from TZM’s Global Lecture Team will be reviewing all submissions and reaching a consensus on which essay(s) to publish.
2) How can I possibly refute TZM’s thesis in less than 1,000 words?
If what TZM promotes is so flawed as many detractors seem to think, it should be easy. Also, the word limit is being imposed for the sake of time, as it will be a laborious process to read through all submissions. Assuming that the best essay(s) is a good one, it may likely serve simply as an opening statement in further dialogue.
3) Isn’t this a contest? I thought TZM was generally against competition.
No, it is a challenge in which the best submitted essay(s) will be published on the main TZM website, as well as responded to by Matt Berkowitz of the TZM Global Lecture Team. An ongoing dialogue may continue if deemed appropriate. There may be up to 3 essays published if there are multiple exemplary critiques. Due to time, we have to arbitrarily cut off the essays published at 3. This is not a contest, as no one is considered a winner or loser, but clearly certain arguments are better than others.
4) Is there a prize or reward? What will motivate me to submit my essay?
No prizes will be awarded, other than publication of the essay(s) on TZM’s global website and an invitation to come on the ZM Global Radio show. Motivation to participate should be the intrinsic desire to advance knowledge and the fulfillment derived from doing so. Should you successfully falsify part of TZM’s thesis, you can feel good about catalyzing a shift in TZM’s advocacy.
5) I have other questions about this – who do I contact?
Contact with the subject title: “TZM Challenge Question”.

TZM India Facebook and Twitter pages

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Hi there

We thought it would be good to notify you of the social media platforms (other than email) which TZM India is available on for getting recent updates from. Since most people are online on social media such as Facebook and Twitter and might not prefer reading emails, we are present for you on the following:


You can 'like' our Facebook page on this link:

We would like to inform you that Facebook has changed its policies regarding the pages feature in favour of only those who can pay Facebook for every post they make. Facebook has admitted to the fact that posts from Facebook Pages would reach out to only a fraction of the page's fans unless and until the page pays FacebookThe complete report where Facebook publicly announced this can be seen here: Since TZM is a volunteer-driven movement, we do not receive funds from any individuals/organizations for any purposes, let alone to promote our page.

Hence, in order to get updates from TZM India on Facebook, we would like you to click on the 'Get Notifications' button by going up to our page and hovering over the 'Like' button.


You can 'follow' our Twitter page on the following link:
Since posts from a Twitter page reach out to all its followers, simply 'following' the page will do.

You can join the TZM India Google Discussion Group on this link:

Pune Activist Meet

posted Apr 7, 2014, 4:27 AM by Shiv Hastawala   [ updated Apr 7, 2014, 4:28 AM ]


We've posted a short report of the recent Pune event held on Sunday (can be seen below in Italics).

If any of you wish to hold similar gatherings in your city to get together with like-minded volunteers, do let us know by filling in your details in the Event Form and we'll announce it to TZM India.

A big thanks to the team in Pune for taking this initiative! We look forward to more action from there.

Pune Activist Meet @ Amanora Mall, 6th April 2014


Attended by:

Nikhil Sheth/ Suraj/ Ankush/ Shrey Agarwal/ Hemant Choudhary

Exchanging various ideas and directions, the activists formulated a to-do list for TZM Pune: 

·         Setting up a Pune Chapter

·         Fixing individual time contribution for volunteers

·         Creating and distributing a newspaper/tabloid called “Good News” which would carry positive articles (fiction + non-fiction)

·         Conducting on-ground activities on-

o   Economic Freedom

o   Rural engagement and development

o   TZM awareness: To kick off, the activists conducted an on-the-spot awareness exercise with two volunteers (from a computer giant) carrying out database collection at the mall. TZM activists called them and gave them a brief introduction to the movement and its goals.

TZM Wikipedia Article - We need your Help

posted Apr 4, 2014, 12:52 AM by Shiv Hastawala   [ updated Apr 4, 2014, 12:53 AM ]

Wikipedia Bigotry

On a more unfortunate note it has come to our attention that the English Wikipedia page of The Zeitgeist Movement has and continues to remain non-representative of TZM's work, controlled by anti-TZM editors which systematically remove basic data, while biasing the article in the most trivial and negative light possible.
Wikipedia is known as a collaborative encyclopedia. Unfortunately, Wikipedia is hardly a scientific process in form as it is lends itself not only to a kind of "mob rule", it also allows biased angling for content control by teams of editors that systematically override viable data. 
In this light, Wikipedia has become a powerful tool of propaganda for controversial subjects, as it is one of the most searched web sites online.

We invite all thoughtful, balanced editors to review TZM's Wikipedia page and help to place actual, tangible data about the Movement and overcome the negative/dismissive bias clearly evident in the article.
Basic problems include:

- Clear and present non-neutrality of the article's tone.

- The notability of our global activist day "Zeitgeist Day" is currently ignored overall/being censored. 

- The extremely bigoted, un-notable yet highlighted "Criticism Section", as put forward by fringe, right wing web sites are flagrantly listed. 

- The complete removal of most all core projects/web sites central to TZM, including the refusal to allow The Zeitgeist Movement Defined book, which has been mentioned in 3rd party press reports many times, is apparent. 

- The page is currently design to read like a "fan club" and not a true institution, with editors removing anything that hints at a dedicated, focused and global organization with an enormous following.

There are two core anti-TZM gatekeepers: "AndyTheGrump" & "Earl King Jr."

Here is a recent quote by Earl King Junior who mostly dominates the page, expressing his bias and intent clearly on the Talk page 
"Zeitgeist really is a fringe group cult and that is why the usual media does not bring it up much, its just not taken seriously except by the zealots that believe in it. As you may know it has been called the worlds first large based internet cult...

Earl King Jr. (talk) 08:27, 26 March 2014 (UTC)"

Is this the kind of person who should be dominating TZM's Wikipedia page?

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