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Meeting Report, Open Sesame' Update, What You can do for the Movement and Facebook Group shut down

posted Jan 2, 2014, 5:57 AM by Shiv Hastawala

The report of the recent online coordination meeting held on 29.12.2013 can be seen here. Unfortunately, a recording of the meeting is not available due to certain technical glitches.

A project named TZM Project Open Sesame' being developed by the TZM Delhi Chapter which is about enlightening the minds children has almost reached its halfway mark both in terms of development and implementation at an NGO in Delhi. The progress can be viewed here. Although a couple of videos from in between might be missing at the moment, they will be uploaded soon. Photos from the recent session in Delhi can be seen here.


First and foremost, a deep understanding of the movement is required. It is to be noted that the movement has evolved a lot since its inception in 2008. All can be understood here. If you wish to know how the movement works, click here.

The BOINC Project is the simplest way to contribute to the movement. Those whose lifestyle and culture does not allow them to put in time and efforts towards educating others about the train of thought of TZM can volunteer their PCs', laptops' and smartphones' computing power for scientific research that could help us transition in some way to a Natural Law / Resource Based Economy. Turn your devices into activists. Join the project here.

This is a simple street activism activity that can be replicated by anyone across the country. You simply meet strangers, ask them a couple of questions that are related to the current state of the socioeconomic system, tell them the correct answers and introduce them to The Zeitgeist Movement using a handy brochure. Some City chapters in India will be implementing it on ZDay 2014 as mentioned in the report above. All information regarding this project can be found here.

This project aims to make people feel how it might be like in a Natural Law / Resource Based Economy to access goods for free! It is simple - collect unwanted, reusable stuff and give it away for free to people who need them. It has been implemented in Thane about twice and the response has been great. Join this project here.

Have a project idea similar to or different from the ones above which could help the movement grow? Here is your chance. Post the ideas here (but read the covering nite carefully before doing so).

The new TZM Guide has come out and is quite interesting since it gives a detailed outline as to what the movement is about. At the moment it is incomplete but a complete version will be updated on TZM Global Website soon. The current version can be downloaded here.


Due to certain disputes, spamming and trolling cropping up on TZM India Facebook Group recently, it has been shut down and is being put forth as a much better alternative. Since it might not be appropriate to post it here, a detailed explanation of why this decision was taken can be seen here: