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One Planet Project Delhi and TZM Challenge Response

posted Sep 29, 2014, 8:18 PM by Shiv Hastawala   [ updated Sep 29, 2014, 8:18 PM ]

The Delhi Chapter has been conducting the One Planet Project for the past two weeks and intends to continue doing so in order to spread awareness. They have already collected around a 100 email IDs and sent one-time emails to them which contains all the information regarding TZM.

If you reside in Delhi or are available here during the coming weekend(s) and wish to be a part of this awareness drive, kindly contact the Delhi chapter at delhi[at]tzmindia[dot]com

We are attaching a couple of pics from the past sessions. If you wish to view them all, please do so here:



​TZM Global would like to announce the authors of the best essay submissions for The Zeitgeist Movement Challenge. They are Ryan Salisbury and Jack Eade.

All the essays submitted are viewable below. The top 2, by Ryan and Jack, have been formally responded to by Matt Berkowitz, James Phillips, and Ben McLeish of the TZM Global Lecture Team, and are viewable as well.

For reference, TZM Challenge is laid out here:

Thank you very much to everyone for taking the time to submit essays. It is very much appreciated.

Stay tuned for follow-up TZM Global blogtalk radio shows with the authors.

View Ryan's essay here.

View our response to Ryan's essay here.

View Jack's essay here.

View our response to Jack's essay here.

View all other essay submissions here.