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TZM Ahmedabad Event

posted Oct 12, 2012, 11:55 PM by mahima bedi-lobo   [ updated Oct 13, 2012, 12:34 AM ]
Dear TZM India supporters,

On 7th October 2012, TZM volunteers conducted a public awareness event in Ahmedabad, to talk about the problems with the current monetary system, the need for an RBE (Resource Based Economy), and possible future actions.

The event was held in collaboration with The World Is My Family, a group of volunteers spreading the RBE message and engaging in local initiatives. We had about 25 people as audience, 2 presenters, and 3 guest speakers.


The talk covered issues of:

  • The monetary system
  • The unsustainable profit motive
  • Technology and its exponential growth
  • The current scarcity paradigm
  • Long-term solutions (i.e. RBE)
  • Current RBE challenges such as the energy crisis
  • Transition to RBE through short-term solutions based on collaborative action, like community living and cooperative ventures

The content featured statistics of the rampant issues we face in our own country, including poverty, hunger, resource manipulation, etc., derived from latest retrievable surveys and reports.


The presentation was further supported by screenings of videos including:

[We’d also planned to screen “There’s No Tomorrow (Hindi)” but had to skip it due to lack of time.]

The talk ended with a slide presentation of famous quotes and ideas with supporting visuals.


What made the evening really special was the presence of certain guests who added their valuable inputs to the event. Here’s a little bit about them.


Chandresh, Sumitra, Qudrat & Ajanmya: On Alternative Living

Life partners since the early 90’s, Chandresh and Sumitra have been living a quiet and humble life. Based in Ahmedabad, they travel the world and work as volunteers wherever the journey takes them. Chandresh teaches people how to harness alternative natural energy to stay healthy, and how to live on energy sources other than food. Sumitra teaches alternative cooking options such as zero-oil cooking, and expresses her artistic self through paintings and murals.

They have two wonderful and smart kids, Qudrat and Ajanmya – who have never attended school, but are great learners, and can already do wonders with computer graphics and animation tools. (Please check out some of their awesome work here: Together, the family lives on Rs. 15000 a month which is enough to meet their basic living and travel expenses. Any work they do after earning this amount is done on a pro-bono basis, i.e. they do not charge for it and accept whatever is paid. Oh, and most importantly, they’re a very happy bunch of people!


Ade: On Collaboration

Ade is a Professor from Stanford University, and was visiting India to do research on why Indians don’t collaborate. Originally a Nigerian, he had been studying the concept of collaboration in various countries. Sharing his journey with the audience, he mentioned how in his early years at Stanford he had wondered how Japan was advancing so much faster than USA, and eventually found that this was because the Japanese were great collaborators. Investigating the phenomenon further, he found himself in India, where he discovered that due to repeated colonization, Indians are not transparent with each other, and therefore collaboration faces many challenges. Citing an accurate example from Ahmedabad itself, he mentioned how the city is home to 3 of India’s most coveted academic institutes, i.e. IIM (Management), NID (Design) and CEPT (Architecture), and yet they never collaborate. Ade’s insights further highlighted the downside of the narrow-minded profit motive, and definitely gave the citizens of Ahmedabad something to think about! 

In the future we plan to hold more of such awareness events, inviting participation from various people and groups who exemplify sustainability, alternative living, and a new hope for humanity.

Video - Economic Collapse
Chandresh & Sumitra
Group Pic