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TZM Amravati Event

posted Nov 23, 2012, 2:13 AM by mahima bedi-lobo
A review of an event held in Amravati by TZM volunteers Amruta Kharkar and Lalit Barbuddhe Jr.

Date & Time:
16th November 2012, @ 12 noon

Amruta Kharkar's Residence, Ganesh Colony, Amravati, Maharashtra 444605 India

Number of People:
15 people attended the event.
5 people left after the presentation (before the screening of Zeitgeist Addendum).

Amruta Kharkar

3 hours

Content Flow:
  1. A 20-minute presentation showcasing some hard facts about malnutrition, poverty, etc and how we are living in a matrix.
  2. Screening of the TZM India short film "The Common Man's Voice"
  3. Basic introduction of The Zeitgeist Movement
  4. Screening of Zeitgeist Addendum
  5. Q&A session

  1. Among the guests we had a doctor who had watched all 3 Zeitgeist movies when he was in the UK, and wishes to do something in Amravati now. He will help us organize a future event for people who he knows and who would like to hear about the RBE idea. :-)
  2. The 5 people who left early took home the Zeitgeist Addendum DVD, so hopefully the message was shared.

  1. The audience was from an older age group -- mostly above 40 years, so there was some resistance to the concept
  2. Most people found it hard to understand the movie properly as it was in American English
  3. According to the audience, the 6 Actions for Social Transformation suggested at the end of Zeitgeist Addendum were "impossible' :)
  4. Being from a small place they were under-exposed to information, specially via the Internet
  5. For them, watching a movie for 2 hours straight was a difficult task

Thank you!