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TZM India Facebook and Twitter pages

posted Apr 21, 2014, 10:30 PM by Shiv Hastawala   [ updated Apr 21, 2014, 10:31 PM ]
Hi there

We thought it would be good to notify you of the social media platforms (other than email) which TZM India is available on for getting recent updates from. Since most people are online on social media such as Facebook and Twitter and might not prefer reading emails, we are present for you on the following:


You can 'like' our Facebook page on this link:

We would like to inform you that Facebook has changed its policies regarding the pages feature in favour of only those who can pay Facebook for every post they make. Facebook has admitted to the fact that posts from Facebook Pages would reach out to only a fraction of the page's fans unless and until the page pays FacebookThe complete report where Facebook publicly announced this can be seen here: Since TZM is a volunteer-driven movement, we do not receive funds from any individuals/organizations for any purposes, let alone to promote our page.

Hence, in order to get updates from TZM India on Facebook, we would like you to click on the 'Get Notifications' button by going up to our page and hovering over the 'Like' button.


You can 'follow' our Twitter page on the following link:
Since posts from a Twitter page reach out to all its followers, simply 'following' the page will do.

You can join the TZM India Google Discussion Group on this link: