At first, most people tend to get pretty excited with the idea of a Resource Based Economy. Then once they start to explore the movement, its implications, its references, its findings, etc., and happen to come across a particular idea or statement or something they don’t like or agree with, immediately they tend to throw the whole idea out the window. They reject the overall concept, just because they don’t agree with a singular aspect of it. This is a classic example of acting impulsively, and is usually more destructive than constructive.

So when a TZM member or activist is trying to make a point or present an argument about the movement’s ideals, remember that he or she is just another human being. No one is perfect. One person may or may not do something that appeals to another. So if you don’t like something she/he says, be patient, take a step back, and examine her/his argument on the whole (scientifically) before drawing any hasty conclusions about the ideology she/he is advocating. It is imperative to look at the bigger picture for what it represents “holistically”, and then decide how you feel about it.

Bottomline? Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!

This is a great video that connects to what is being said above:

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