Many times people state that an RBE cannot or will not manifest without internal transformation of the mind, self, soul, spirit or any other term.

We agree.

However, we don’t think it’s our business to push our beliefs on internal transformation towards others, because in essence, it means different things to different people.

Whether it means belief in a particular religion, or worship of a certain deity, or meditation, or chants, or science, or even atheism, it is not our place to judge anyone else's place in the world.

Whatever works for you is great, as long as it leads to a realization that the only way forward for us as a species, is to care for each other, for our planet, and for the entire universe. To understand that in everything we do, we must consciously make a choice based on love, and not on fear.

The Zeitgeist Movement advocates a solution that involves the "external transformation" of our world and environment, for which volunteers are engaged in spreading the message of RBE (Resource Based Economy), and why it makes sense to move in that direction.

However, the movement also recognizes that such a system would not work in the absence of a deep-rooted "internal transformation", which involves a redesign of our very value system. A system that chooses collaboration over competition, shared access over individual ownership, healing over punishment, compassion over greed, and essentially, love over fear.

Therefore, the efforts to work towards manifesting an RBE will bear fruit only when they harmonize both external and internal transformation.

This might be an interesting debate to watch.

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