As an activist/supporter of the movement it is a good idea to educate oneself as much as possible using the resources at one’s disposal (mostly available online) and then to share that understanding with others when required. Of course it’s good to have questions, however most questions tend to be repetitive in nature and are usually covered (in part, full, or general context) under FAQs. All relevant resources (text, audio, video, etc.) are therefore stored on the TZM websites and other related links, so that questioners can be directed to those links. This simple exercise prevents unnecessary repetition, saves time, and makes sense.


But sometimes when volunteers try to answer queries by directing the questioner to links that hold relevant information, the people asking the questions tend to become irritated, impatient and often cynical, expecting answers directly from the volunteers. This is a highly counter-productive practice and creates zero value for anyone involved.


It’s important to remember that TZM is a movement of self-led volunteers who take time out of their regular lives to contribute to this initiative. So even though questions from newcomers are invited, it may not always be possible to answer/explain every query in elaborate detail due to limited time and bandwidth. This is why an extensive pool of resources has been created online for those truly seeking information. Moreover, there may be times when volunteers don’t have answers at all, since everyone here is in the process of learning too.


To genuinely support the movement, one must be willing to be self-taught. The key is to remain inquisitive with a pure, positive seeking spirit. A great example is little kids and the level of interest they have for learning from everything around them. If we could all switch to that mode in the movement, we would learn and share a lot more, and very happily!


Check out this video to witness the self-teaching spirit in action: 

YouTube Video