We closed the TZM India Facebook Group in Januray 2014 and are redirecting people towards which is a much better alternative. The reasons why the Facebook Group was shut down can be seen here:

However, you might wish to join the TZM India Google Group in order to stay in touch with other activists of the movement.

Reasons why a website may be preferred over Facebook Groups:

Website Groups 
Only you can register you.

A person registers here to get information and updates on TZM events in India. This database process requires the user to make the effort to register on the site and thus is 100% opt-in. No one can force the user to join by uploading a database on the site. The user has to accept his/her own registration by clicking a link which he/she receives in his/her inbox.  
Anyone can add you.

Although a user can remove oneself from the group, adding can be done by an outsider, i.e. anyone can add a user in this group from their friends list. Only users looking to sell products or post porn are blocked/removed/spammed by any of the moderators. 
Responsible & Long-Term Communication The database of registered users is of high intrinsic value. Posting news or information to this database of email addresses is a very powerful tool, and a tool to be used responsibly. It cannot be misused for any motives other than the unbiased communication of RBE ideas. Impulsive & Short-Term Communication This gets very chatty due to the amount of people posting comments. In this scenario it’s very easy to miss good information that should be easily accessible to all. Plus, though the information on this group can be searched for future archives, it is not suited for this purpose. People usually just read the current posts and may not have the time or bandwidth to go through all previous posts that would have appeared after their last visit.
Ask Questions

The website is a place for real seekers to ask questions and get answers. These questions get sent to info [at] tzmindia [dot] com and get answered by the volunteers in TZM India Chapter 
Post Opinions

This is a place for people to express themselves. Some good stuff comes out here, but unfortunately so does a lot of unnecessary and unproductive arguing.  
Volunteers, Activists & Speakers

The website is a place where a user can make oneself available to be contacted by people seeking help in their area (city, town, state) via the various registration forms.
General Public

The FB group has no mechanism to filter out the volunteers, activists and speakers from the hundreds of general members here. Being an open chatting ground for multitudes of members, very often people end up with more confusion than clarity on a certain subject. 
Active Participation

The TZM India website is a platform for activists to connect with people and projects. Say you’re conducting a screening in your town or want to get together, and you’d like to reach out to the registered users in TZM India requesting for help or support in your area. You can send an email to info [at] tzmindia [dot] com and your request for help would be promptly sent to the entire database. Users in your area who want to help with your event will be able to connect with you and take it forward.
Ideally you should create a registration form and request users to submit their contact information so that you can reach them directly. This can be done using Google Forms. Watch this video to know how forms can help.
Passive Participation

Although FB has the option to create events, the communication may not always be 100% effective, due to the constant clutter of information that comes standard in the FB environment. In addition, because not everyone in the FB group is a registered user, the quality of this database would be weaker and more random than the website email database 
Crystallized & Relevant Information

The website allows volunteers to control and direct the flow of information to the viewer, based on relevance and importance. This enables one-way traffic of information that is absorbed and crystallized for ease of general understanding. 
Raw & Open Information

The group is mainly open, thus allowing anyone to post any information. This means viewers have to use their own discretion on deciding what to make of the information being presented. 

Because of the controlled flow of information, there is no chit-chat on a website. 

Because it’s open and unmoderated, there is a lot of chatter that sometimes leads to heated (again unproductive) arguments. 
Technical Operation

Websites aren’t as easy as Facebook to edit, manage and timely update. As a result, only serious users and members of the movement actually take the trouble to develop the content. 
User-Friendly Operation

Facebook is very easy for anyone and everyone to use. Sometimes this results in making the content seem like an incoherent mix of fragmented inputs from several directions. 
TZM Exclusive People who check out the website are most likely already in a supportive frame of mind towards TZM and RBE. Or in the very least, they recognize the basic need for social change and intend to contribute in some way or the other, to a better world. The website provides a high-focus "exclusively TZM" environment conducive to their state of mind. TZM Peripheral
No matter what group, page or event one is visiting on FB, the environment tends to be overloaded with casual "side-dishes" that try their best to water down the real purpose of one's visit. For an intensive initiative like TZM, this low-focus environment tends to do more harm than good. People may drop by here with the intention of 'changing society', but might end up simply 'being social'.