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Number of views vs registrations

posted Feb 28, 2012, 1:06 PM by Rishi Gangoly   [ updated Mar 4, 2012, 4:19 AM ]


If the movie: Zeitgeist Addendum has been viewed 10 million times and only 478,053 people have taken out the time to join the movement. 

Does that show that the idea presented is only being accepted or understood as a minority of people in the world? 
If yes, what do you think needs to be done to bridge the gap? Can the gap be bridged at all? Please comment


From our experience, the number of registrations does not really affect activism. We know many people who have registered with the Global or India Chapter, but they are not really spreading the Zeitgeist message as activists. On the  other hand, there are people who are monumental in spreading awareness, but are not registered members. So the assumption that the idea is "accepted" by a minority doesn't hold true. 

Besides, the general geopolitical environment of the world is undergoing such drastic change that automatically more and more people are turning to protests against the status quo, and seeking alternative solutions like Resource Based Economy (RBE). It is also important to note here that the essence of the Zeitgeist message is not just to promote the idea of an RBE, but to trigger the most basic awakening in people across the world -- to spark the realization that they are all being played like pawns by the system, that they all struggle with the same problems in life, that they all share one earth which they have to look after, and that the only solution is to work together, regardless of country, color, class, and creed. 

In effect, 10 million views means 10 million people have "received" this information. Let's assume half of these people were "awakened" by it. Even if this awakening did not translate to "registering on a website" for each of these 5 million people, it doesn't change the bigger picture of awakening collective consciousness at a global level. As awareness of RBE spreads, and global unrest grows, the balance is bound to tip in the other direction, pushing the movement to gain majority and approach its "critical mass". So what can we do to bridge the gap? 

First, don't look at it as a gap that needs bridging. Just look at it as work in progress. Second, get the message out as fast and effectively as possible, to as many people as possible!